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Story by mum Claire Duncan. Jacob is now 6 years old (2022)

Jacob was diagnosed with Congenital CMV when he was just a few months old after failing his new born hearing test in his left ear. After blood samples were taken from us both he was diagnosed. He had an MRI scan which shows that the virus has left marks on the right side of his brain and it was uncertain at the time how this would effect him. He has Cerebral Palsy effecting his left side , left side hearing loss and he is currently being assessed for Autism. He has several cafe-au-lait spots too which we assume to be related. I had never heard of CMV and I felt so guilty as a Mother who gave this virus to her unborn baby and i don’t think the guilt will ever leave me. Thankfully he has completed lots of physio and this has helped him with his walking and getting around. He needs support daily but at one stage we thought he may not walk at all so we are so thankful he can. We are so proud of him and everything he has overcome and will continue to as he grows up!