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I have numerous conditions and complications affected by CMV. I’m partially deaf, ADHD, cerebral palsy in my left side, Global development delay and dyslexia/dyspraxia. Nobody knows what it is when I tell them I have CMV, but they do know all the things it’s caused. My life is hugely challenging but I never forget I have a privilege many don’t have. Turning 30 is a big event for us as a family as we didn’t think I’d be here to do it. I actively campaign for better treatment of disabled staff in my job & believe we can achieve a better understanding of it. Just think, my life is ‘normal’ to me and other CMV babies because we were infected by a microscopic virus many medical professionals either choose to avoid discussing or don’t know enough about before we even entered the world.

UPDATE: Jade is raising money for CMV Action by abseiling down the Hyatt Hotel in Manchester!! This is an amazing achievement for Jade so please support her if you can