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September 2014

My pregnancy was fine up until 20 weeks when I went for my ultrasound.  They noticed there was no fluid around my baby and I had actually lost my waters at 18 weeks pregnant.

Not knowing what the problem was, they began all the tests which all came back fine.  Days went on been monitored every day, consultants telling me not to hope for the best as they didn’t think my little baby would make it and if she did it wouldn’t be for very long, but I stayed positive and detriment that she would make it one way or another!


At 26 weeks had another ultrasound scan showing that I had my full waters back and she began growing again.  Her head was growing weeks behind her body but was still growing they said they would let me carry on as long as she grew! So at 35+1 weeks, my waters went again and I went into hospital but wasn’t dilating hours later still wasn’t until she began to dip in heart beat getting stressed so they rushed me in for an emergency caesarian.

Renae Donald was born into the world on 6/9/2014 weight 4lb 7oz.  It took for her take her first breath and then they rushed her straight off to special care where they got her stable before transferring her off to a bigger unit with intensive care.

I was heartbroken and very worried thinking what was wrong with my little baby girl.  My emotions were everywhere.  She was tiny and I was thinking to myself how will she ever make it!

Day 3 a consultant came to see me to tell me he was pretty sure the was congenital cmv and when he explained I broke down!

Why my baby?  How did this happen? Then the blood tests came back positive and it was in fact cmv. I was devastated.



Days went on, blood transfusions, apneas, monitors, breathing support, MRI, etc. days felt like months! After being transferred to 3 different hospitals my little girl was finally on the mend and what seemed to be like light at the end of the tunnel and after 3 months she was allowed home on oxygen and ng tube, she is now slowly progressing with support in all areas!

I will never forget those awful few months but looking back I never thought we’d be at this point today.

Written by her mum Rebekkah