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February 2011

This is my story of the effects of CMV and little boy Elliot.

I was 16 and pregnant, everything seemed to be going well, apart from being young and scared…

29 + weeks I went to see the midwife, and she booked me in for a growth scan as my bump was small. She told me it wouldn’t really be anything to worry about. I went for the scan a few days later, I was 30 weeks then.  They told me, my baby wasn’t growing as my cord wasn’t functioning correctly. I was told I’d have to stay in for observation that night.

My baby’s heart beat was all over the place… And after waiting 7 hours for surgery I went in. At 3 o’clock on 12 Feb 2011. And at 03:27 my beautiful baby was born! Weighing in at 900 grams. Everything seemed okay apart from the normal premature needs but then I was told he needed a platelet transfusion. But they said it was normal.

Days went by and my little boy who we had called Elliot need platelet transfusions daily and doctors were unaware why.  After a number of tests it was confirmed Elliot had CMV. They explained how it could affect him but I knew my baby would be okay! He was strong enough.

Trying medication to control the infection (ganciclovir) took its toll on Elliot. He became really Ill. To the point where doctors said it was the end. And I had to make the choice if he stayed or if he went up to the angels. But I knew my Elliot was going anywhere he was a true fighter! No infection was going to stop him being here with his mommy!

They told me that Elliot would most likely Elliot would be unable walk and talk. They thought he would be unable to do anything for himself due to the brain damage. It was the most painful moment of my life! Watching your child have machines doing everything his body should be doing! This didn’t put me off. I had true faith in Elliot and all my love would help him achieve the impossible. Elliot did get better after all. And came out of hospital after four months… Elliot had issues after, in and out of hospital ever since. He was diagnosed with west syndrome (infantile spasms) at age one. It’s been a battle and half but Elliot isn’t what they expected. He needs more care than others, he can not walk at the moment or talk. But he can sit and can crawl and he will walk and he will talk because with all my love and all the will power Elliot has he will get there! He’s my little miracle! A little soldier!!

I was unaware of CMV! All my family and anyone that asks about Elliot birth haven’t heard of it! Yet it’s so dangerous! It nearly took my son away! I believe more needs to be done! Prevent mothers and fathers going through what others and myself have! Because it’s heartbreaking.