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… for taking the first steps to help raise funds for CMV Action.

Every day CMV Action:

  • Offers advice & support to anyone affected by congenital CMV
  • Advocates for families affected by CMV & supports them to ensure they receive the best service from providers
  • Works with healthcare professionals to develop and implement research into CMV
  • Educates professionals and parents to be about prevention and management of CMV
  • Strives to eradicate this common virus to prevent future generation’s health and abilities being at risk from this cruel and indiscriminate disease

We do not receive any government funding and it costs our charity £20,000 a year to help and support families affected by CMV.

  • £7 to fund our volunteer helpline for one day
  • £12 provides 2 information packs for women working in childcare. Research has shown us that pregnant women working in childcare settings are at greater risk of infection
  • £30 buys an essential training aid to educate midwives on the preventative measures pregnant women can make to reduce their risk of CMV infection
  • £700 pays for one month’s coverage of CMV literature in health care surgeries across the UK

This information is aimed to give you lots of advice, ideas and support for your fundraising. If you have any issues please do not hesitate to contact us at


The fastest and best way to raise money is online and you can visit Virgin Money Giving

Gift Aid

This is really important for charities as for every £1 people sponsor you for, we can claim an extra 25p back from the Government. If a person is a UK tax payer please encourage them to top up all of their sponsor money by adding Gift Aid.

Please do remember that we are really grateful for any amount raised, the smallest of change will make a big difference. Without the time and energy of wonderful fundraisers who help raise money, we simply could not continue, so a huge Thank You from all of us at CMV Action.

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Raising Awareness

Raising money is wonderful and enables us to continue our work, however, fundraising isn’t for everyone.  If you are able to help us raise awareness instead of, or as well as fundraising that is fantastic and greatly appreciated. You can order your free Awareness Pack and distribute them at places such as your local GP practice, pharmacy, health centre or antenatal clinic or any local events. Please order Awareness Pack


Our Stories

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