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My name is Julie Anne Stansfield and this is my story of when and how CMV changed my life. On the 12th February 2010, I found out I was pregnant, it seemed like a natural progression having been married for 8 months and we always wanted a family. We were surprised it happened so quickly but we were over the moon. We kept it quiet only telling...
My name is Amanda and I’m 36 years old.   After 3 years of trying for a baby through 2 rounds of IVF, I conceived twins.  At 5 weeks I broke out in a rash all over my arms and legs. Doctors kept telling me it's allergy. I spent days at the A&E and finally my GP ordered a blood test to check. Following weeks of investigations, I...
Written by her grandmother Jan – now a Trustee of CMV Action. 16th July 2012. That day changed our lives.   James (my son) and Lucy were expecting their first child, a girl. It was an easy pregnancy and Lucy was booked in to the local birthing centre. The delivery went well but as soon as Lyra was born it was evident she was a very sick...
After trying for a baby for two years, we luckily became pregnant with out first child just two days before we signed the paperwork to undergo IVF treatment. A lucky miracle I call it. I'd spent so much time looking into fertility and how difficult getting pregnant can actually be! I'm also a midwife of eleven years, with experience mostly...



Our Stories

When our youngest son was born in 2001, apart from a little jaundice he seemed 'normal'. It was only as time passed and developmental milestones were not reached, that concerns began. He... Read more
Our Story – Orla and Cytomegalovirus. On the 2nd July 2018 my wife Hannah went in to labour, it was unremarkable (at least as much as such a thing is) and Orla was born shortly after we... Read more

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