The Sun Health Pages Feature CMV - "Hidden Virus that can hurt unborn babies"


The Sun Health Pages

"Hidden Virus that can hurt unborn babies" - national press coverage.

Tuesday November 4th

The Sun featured a two-page spread (on page 6 & 7 of the Health section) on CMV, a statement from Caroline Star, an interview with Professor Paul Heath and stories from four families - Michelle Dodd, Marie Cassidy, Kirstina Duncan and Jordan Scott.  

We want to say a huge thank to you the families for sharing their stories and we know it isn't easy sometimes talking about CMV. CMV does devastate lives.


Pictured is Michelle Dodd and her son Noah.

Due to Newspaper Licencing laws, we can't scan in and post the story for you to see. The Sun is also a subscription only website, so we can't post a link for you - shame as we think it's a well balanced and thought out article.  

The CMV Action statement reads:

CMV is more common than Down's syndrome and damages 2 or 3 babies every day in the UK. It can limit a child's mental and physical ability and it devastates lives. Yet women aren't given the facts they need to protect their baby.

The main way pregnant women catch CMV is from the bodily fluids that small kids are so good at spreading around. Simple changes, such as not sharing food, drink and cutlery with small children can make all the difference. That's why we want to see every pregnant woman armed with knowledge of how CMV is spread and the steps that could reduce risks. Women of childbearing age in Great Britain agree - nine out of ten think that pregnant women should be given advice about CMV infection in pregnancy.

In the long term, more needs to be done to develop a vaccine. But right now we need to help pregnant women to avoid catching the bug. We also need to help more babies to be diagnosed and treated.

Too many families only hear about CMV when a doctor drops the bombshell that their baby is disabled. This needs to change. We're doing our bit through our 'wash away CMV' campaign and our website Help us raise awareness and help us change lives."


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