Success for the RCM CMV I-learn module


Last year we launched the I-learn module for midwives. This short training module has been developed in response to requests from midwives for more information about congenital CMV. It sets out the facts about CMV and key areas where midwives can play a major role in reducing the impact of this virus. 

It is proving to be very successful and has been reviewed positively by midwives across the UK. After only a few months, the module has been accessed by approximately 700 Royal College of Midwives members, and 475 have completed it. Participants are encouraged to dip in and work through sections of all RCM I-learn modules that are most relevant to them, so completion is not necessarily the main indicator of its success. The numbers are really encouraging and the feedback has all been excellent.

Some of the comments from midwives .....

I had awareness of CMV but this module has really opened my eyes . Its been very interesting and informative.

I was unaware of the incidence of CMV and found the course very useful.

Excellent module, well structured and informative.

Excellent course, I will use it to inform my practice.

Very informative, particularly like the factsheets.

As I work as a community midwife, I found this module very informative and useful for my practice.

A topic that we have had very little education on. As more mums to be are more aware of CMV we need to be more aware as midwives in order to offer valid up to date advice.

Very useful module . I feel more confident in educating women about CMV in the future.

Very informative module. I feel it will really benefit my practice.

I have learnt so much and become so alarmed by this that I may even cover it for my dissertation this year.


CMV Action is arranging more midwife training this year and will be attending RCM conferences and venues to encourage more midwives to access the module.  

Help us reach midwives by talking to them about CMV whenever you can.



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