December 2020


 Newsletter December 2020

Community fundraiser-job opportunity

In January we will be advertising for a part-time home based role as a community fundraiser. We are looking for someone who can use their fundraising experience to support the charity. Look out for details on our Facebook page and website in the new year. 

Note from the Trustees

This has been a difficult year for so many of our families.  In 2020 we supported over 200 families and pregnant women who have been affected by the CMV virus and our new Facebook group has 188 members who have helped support each other by sharing questions and advice, particularly important when so many are at home. 

As a charity we have had to adapt the way we work. Fundraising events have been limited but we have had some fantastic support from those doing virtual or individual events. Support volunteers have needed to keep up to date with Covid19 as well as CMV and take into account that face to face medical appointments have been fewer. We have held Trustee meetings regularly on Zoom as we have not met face to face. We have continued to raise awareness by attending meetings and conferences virtually. 

We are now looking forward to developing our strategy for the next three years at the start of the next year. Your fundraising and support for the charity means we have the opportunity to look at the next stage of our work. THANK YOU to everyone who has helped us get to this point. We could not do this without you.


CMV Action is delighted that Asma Khalil, Professor of Obstetrics and Maternal-Fetal Medicine at St George’s University Hospital (University of London) has joined CMV Action as one of our Medical Advisors.  

Asma is a subspecialist in Maternal and Fetal Medicine, specialising in scanning women and babies with complications in pregnancy and maintains a busy role in research and teaching. She is the lead for the Multiple Pregnancy service at St George’s Hospital, the referral unit for the South West London region, but also cares for women with low risk pregnancies.

Asma has led on the RCOG impact paper on congenital CMV infection and the recent ISUOG guideline on congenital infections.  The ISUOG guideline contained the result of some exciting research concerning women with CMV infection in early pregnancy, showing that in a randomised control trial the use of oral valganciclovir in women with primary maternal infection reduces the risk of vertical transmission by about 70%.


On Sunday, 6th September, 2020, Rupert Allhusen completed a fantastic challenge to raise funds for CMV Action and another charity, the RHF Defibrillator Fund.  Rupert, a keen and many capped rugby player, completed the grueling 34.3 mile swim in 15 hours and 15 minutes and to date has raised the most fabulous sum of £37,630 to be split between the two charities. 

Setting off from Shakespeare Beach near Dover, with a support crew of six to supply warm sugared drinks and endless encouragement, as well as, for a time, a companion to swim alongside him, Rupert endured the cold, the monotony and the dangerous tides to finally reach Wissant Bay in France.  Cheering, shouts of “Allez, Allez” and clapping from the French locals and holiday makers on the beach welcomed Rupert in.

All at CMV Action, on behalf of all those we support, are so grateful to Rupert and his support team for such a fantastic and amazing achievement.  CMV Action rely on fundraisers to enable us to run the charity, particularly in this difficult time for fundraising.  The amount Rupert raised will help us significantly with our aims to raise awareness of the CMV virus, support pregnant women and families affected and to aid research.

Lots more information on Rupert’s channel swim can be found at

The Trustees would like to wish you all a happy Christmas and send our best wishes for next year.


The CMV Action Trustees

Angela, Amy, Jan, Kate, Liz, Sarah, Suzie and Tom




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