CMV Action thanks couple for charity work in little Alfie's name


A GRIEVING mum has spoken of her sadness on the day her little baby boy was due to be born.

Jordan Scott and Adam Laidler lost their unborn child, Alfie, during pregnancy last year after he contracted little-known virus CMV.

And January 6, which marked Alfie's due date, was a particularly tough day for the Uttoxeter couple.

But they are continuing to channel their grief into work for charity CMV Action UK.

She said: "We were kept busy during Christmas and New Year with our children, Hollie and Sophia, but Alfie's due date was hard. We had a sudden realisation of what we should have, but don't have.

"We just want to do more to help CMV Action UK now and they are posting 100 adult wristbands and 100 toddler wristbands for us to sell to raise money.

Caroline Star, chairman of CMV Action, said: "This family's experiences are yet another example of the devastating impact of congenital CMV.

"Despite being a leading cause of birth defects, few pregnant women are told about CMV. This must change.

"We are very grateful for everything that Jordan and Jack are doing to raise awareness in Uttoxeter and support CMV Action's work to educate women and health professionals.

"We want them to know about the simple steps that can be taken to reduce the risk of contracting the virus whilst pregnant."

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