A call for your help! 8th International Congenital CMV Conference


The 8th International Congenital CMV Conference & 18th International CMV Workshop will take place virtually from Monday 28th March – Friday 1st April, with a full programme of invited speakers, oral paper presentations, poster sessions and panel discussions.  Full details can be found at www.cmv2022.org.

How can you help?

We want to hear about your experiences as CMV Action have been asked to give a presentation on the impact of CMV on children and families and how to prevent transmission of CMV during pregnancy. This is where you come in. We feel it would be really effective to involve families by giving first hand accounts of their experiences of CMV and the challenges you have faced when a child is affected by the virus (good and bad), by producing a short video to show during the presentation.   All we would need you to do, is send us a really short video filmed on a mobile phone (of good sound and visual quality) telling us about your experiences.  We will produce a montage of these to be used in this presentation, and also for any future similar awareness raising opportunities.

We would really appreciate your help with this, so if you would like to help us by taking part, please register your interest by emailing sharonwood@cmvaction.org.uk.  We will then send you further details.

On the afternoon of Sunday 27th March, there will be a fascinating two-hour session on Zoom specifically aimed at the general public, featuring updates on aspects of CMV that everyone would like to know more about. This will encompass brief talks from experts in the field, followed by a panel discussion where speakers will answer questions from the general public. 

Registration for the two-hour session is free, so it would be great for as many of our members and supporters to attend as possible. To see the full programme or register please go to www.cmv2022.org/public-session     In addition to members of the public, attendees to the CMV workshop are being strongly encouraged to come along so it is a great opportunity to speak directly to students and medics.  We hope to see you there!


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