Baby Loss Awareness Week 9-15 October 2017


We are proud to be supporting Baby Loss Awareness Week from 9-15 October. 

Throughout the week bereaved parents, their families and friends, unite with each other and others across the world to commemorate their babies’ lives.

In the UK, Baby Loss Awareness Week is a collaboration between more than 40 charities, including CMV Action.

Baby Loss Awareness Week provides a chance to raise awareness about the issues surrounding pregnancy and baby loss in the UK. This Awareness Week we want to make care better for anyone whose baby has died.

We are calling for:

- every maternity or neonatal unit to have at least one trained midwife.

- bereavement care to be included in commissioning frameworks so that all parents receive the same, high level of care.

- bereavement rooms to be available in all hospitals for parents whose baby has died.

Dr Clea Harmer, Chief Executive of Sands (Stillbirth and neonatal death charity), said: “It is long overdue that the NHS makes the provision of excellent bereavement care mandatory across the UK. Despite claims that it is a priority, there is still a shortage of dedicated bereavement rooms and too few health care professionals are getting the essential training they need to sensitively support grieving parents.

“Good bereavement care is rooted in simple acts of kindness and respect, giving a family whose world has fallen apart the time they need with their baby, and minimising anything that could add to their suffering. So it is very worrying that parents have told us they can hear the sounds of crying babies, and mothers and fathers congratulating each other on the birth of their healthy babies, while they grieve.

“We believe every parent should be offered the bereavement support they need, when they need it, for as long as they need it. One way to make this happen is for a National Bereavement Care Pathway to be included in the Government’s Mandate to NHS England, and to ensure a similar approach is taken across the UK. I urge all those responsible to make sure no parent is left to cope with the death of their baby alone.”

Wave of Light – 15 October

Awareness Week ends each year on October 15 with a global ‘Wave of Light’. We invite you to join with us, as well as parents and families across the world, to remember all the babies that have died too soon.

Simply light a candle at 7pm local time and leave it burning for at least 1 hour. Take a photo of your candle and tweet or post it to Facebook using the hashtag to commemorate with others around the world.

This can be done individually or in a group, at home or in a communal space. Wherever you do this, you will be joining a global ‘Wave of Light’ in memory of all the babies who lit up our lives for such a short time.

Break the Silence

Further information:

Please contact Lee Armitt, Press and PR Officer on 020 3897 3449/07587 925411 or with any questions or to arrange an interview with Dr Clea Harmer.

Baby Loss Awareness Week participating charities:

Abigail’s Footsteps, Aching Arms, Action on Pre-eclampsia, ARC (Antenatal Results and Choices, Bliss, Cariad Angel Gowns, Child Bereavement UK, CMV Action, The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust, The Last Kiss Foundation, Group B Strep Support, ICP Support, Jude Brady Foundation, Kicks Count, Life After Loss, The Lily Mae Foundation, The Lullaby Trust, Making Miracles, Miscarriage And Stillborn Support, Miscarriage Information Support Service, The Miscarriage Association, The Multiple Births Foundation, National Maternity Support Foundation, Petals, Pregnancy Crisis Care (Plymouth & SE Cornwall), SANDS Lothians, Scottish Cot Death Trust, Sands (Stillbirth & Neonatal Death charity), SiMBA, Spinal Muscular Atrophy Support UK, Tommy’s, The Twins and Multiple Births Association (Tamba), Teddy’s Wish, Together for Short Lives.

Full contact details of all the charities is available from


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