BATOD are supporting our campaign for newborn screening for CMV. They are asking their members to sign our petition.  Many thanks for your support.

The Midwifery Journal is supporting CMV Action and asking its members to sign our petition for newborn screening.

A great article for CMV Awareness Month.

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Thank you Kayleigh and Sharon, a heartbreaking story.

Starts at about 2hours 30 mins in to the programe.

Thank you Ellie Colton and Radio Sheffield.

June is international CMV Awareness Month and we need your help.  The topic chosen by us and our international colleagues is Newborn Screening of congenital cytomegalovirus (cCMV).  CMV Action’s aim is to raise awareness of the fact, that, there is no current universal  screening of cCMV for newborns in the UK. ...

Invitation for feedback on a study on congenital CMV infection among children

A new study on congenital CMV (cCMV) infection is being led by Dr Heather Bailey, Lecturer in Infectious Disease Epidemiology at UCL Institute for Global Health. The project is a first-step study to explore how best to design a future study on...

CMV Action is delighted to be working with Hermione Lyall of Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust and other eminent clinicians in the UK on membership of CCMVNET. 

CCMVNET is a European clinical network, including a registry of children affected by congenital CMV,  which will...

Hi I'm Sue and I am excited to have joined CMV Action as the new community fundraiser. I have a background in marketing and PR and hope to build on the much needed awareness to the CMV message and to all the fantastic fundraising activities that our supporters do. I have done many fundraising events myself over the years, even ones...

We will be there - at least virtually but would be lovely to be represented in person.



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Seb was born December 2019 with congenital CMV. Having contracted CMV at 8 weeks pregnant and being told that transmission across the placenta in the first trimester has much more... Read more

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