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 A shout out to all student midwives, midwifery societies & midwifery tutors ....did you know that CMV Action are able to offer free virtual training sessions on congenital CMV (cytomegalovirus)?

Although, CMV is the most common virus passed from mother to baby during pregnancy...

Why do we need volunteers?

CMV Action is a small charity with only 2 part time employees but we potentially need to reach every one of the 750,000 women who give birth in the UK every year. Social media is a brilliant way to do this. We had great success during our National Awareness Month with reaching new people and...

The Sun has published Alicia Bell's story of her daught Scarlett helping to raise awareness of CMV and the importance of newborn screening.


Thank you to Alicia Bell for sharing the story of her daughter Scarlett. The Mirror newspaper has featured a full length article about Scarlett and the impact of CMV on the family. Like CMV Action Alicia is backing the petition to have all...

The lovely Harrison family kindly shared their story of their son Alfie with the I Newspaper. With June being International CMV Awareness Month 2021, this bring the focus onto the need for screening. Helen along with ourselves is calling on the Government to introduce routine screening of newborns for the condition to improve outcomes....

BATOD are supporting our campaign for newborn screening for CMV. They are asking their members to sign our petition.  Many thanks for your support.

The Midwifery Journal is supporting CMV Action and asking its members to sign our petition for newborn screening.

A great article for CMV Awareness Month.

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Thank you Kayleigh and Sharon, a heartbreaking story.

Starts at about 2hours 30 mins in to the programe.

Thank you Ellie Colton and Radio Sheffield.

June is international CMV Awareness Month and we need your help.  The topic chosen by us and our international colleagues is Newborn Screening of congenital cytomegalovirus (cCMV).  CMV Action’s aim is to raise awareness of the fact, that, there is no current universal  screening of cCMV for newborns in the UK. ...



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