Thank you for taking the first steps to fundraising for CMV Action.  There are lots of different ways you can get involved – you can hold your own fundraising event, donate your birthday or take on one of our active challenges.  Whatever you choose to do you’ll be sure to have a great time whilst working hard to raise vital funds and awareness for CMV Action.

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Fundraising support is critical to CMV Action.  We are a small charity and receive no government funding.    It costs us £20,000 a year to help and support families affected by CMV.

Every donation, no matter the size, plays a crucial role in our mission.  Your contributions directly aids in providing support and assistance to families affected by CMV, making a meaningful impact on their lives.

Every day CMV Action:

  • Offers advice & support to anyone affected by congenital CMV
  • Advocates for families affected by CMV & supports them to ensure they receive the best service from providers
  • Works with healthcare professionals to develop and implement research into CMV
  • Educates professionals and parents to be about prevention and management of CMV
  • Strives to eradicate this common virus to prevent future generation’s health and abilities being at risk from this cruel and indiscriminate disease
Download our Fundraising Pack

Why not take a look at our fundraising pack for some ideas?

Fundraising Calendar

Every day CMV Action:

  • Offers advice & support to anyone affected by congenital CMV
  • Advocates for families affected by CMV & supports them to ensure they receive the best service from providers
  • Works with healthcare professionals to develop and implement research into CMV
  • Educates professionals and parents to be about prevention and management of CMV
  • Strives to eradicate this common virus to prevent future generation’s health and abilities being at risk from this cruel and indiscriminate disease

Take a look at our fundraising calendar of events; there’s something for everyone to get involved in to support CMV Action.

Fundraising bake sale


The fastest and best way to raise money is online and you can visit our Peoples Fundraising page where you can make a one off donation or create your own fundraising page or you can donate or fundraise via our JustGiving page.


Gift Aid

This is really important for charities as for every £1 people sponsor you for, we can claim an extra 25p back from the Government. If a person is a UK tax payer please encourage them to top up all of their sponsor money by adding Gift Aid.

Please do remember that we are really grateful for any amount raised, the smallest of change will make a big difference. Without the time and energy of wonderful fundraisers who help raise money, we simply could not continue, so a huge Thank You from all of us at CMV Action. Please view our fundraisers for more information.


Give as You Live

Give as you Live Online is the easy way to shop and raise money for CMV Action. You shop as normal and a donation is made on your behalf at no cost to you.

Give as you Live

Fundraising Ideas

There are so many ways to raise funds – here are a few ideas:

Sporting events

We apply for places for the Great North Run, London Marathon, etc.

To apply for a CMV Action designated place please email

If this is not what you are looking for, then you can sign up independently for any sporting event.

Choose the event you would like to take part in. Contact the event organiser to secure your place. Once you’ve secured your place with the event organiser click here to register and download any resources you might need. We want all our runners to shout out that they are supporting CMV Action, so we would love to send you a running t-shirt or running vest for free. Please allow plenty of time for these to be posted to you.

Browse fundraising resources

Fundraising in your community or office

A day for fun! Dress up and have fun for Pancake Day, Valentine’s Day, St.Patrick’s Day, – or any day you fancy! Swear box, dress down day, sponsored silence, coffee morning, donate a day’s salary, guess the weight of…, an office raffle, a Grand National sweepstake, sponsored walk, who’s the baby competition, auction of promises, quiz, sweets in a jar competition, song/films quote quiz, office bingo, smarties swap (give your team a tube of smarties – when they’ve finished them they have to refill with £1s- £27 will fit in every tube!) book sale, cheese and wine party, pamper at your desk day, payroll giving and … finally  …. maybe ask your company to match give every penny you raise!

Fundraising with your family

Any of the above or – kick a goal competition, sponsored silence/no chocolate/no tv, rounders competition, come dine with me parties, summer BBQ, Tea Parties, Pamper party in your own home, Easter egg hunt, bonfire night party, card games evening, sponsored walk, spelling bee, space hopper race!

Please download our fundraising pack for lots of ideas, hints & tips on fundraising, or contact

Download Fundraising PackEmail: your Event

There are various things to consider when organising a fundraiser to make sure that it is all above board so it may be worth taking a read of the Cabinet Office guidance produced for when you are organising an event. Read their ‘Organising a voluntary event: a ‘can do’ guide.

Current Fundraisers

We have charity places at a number of major events, so see what our other fundraisers are up to and check out which events you could take part in with one of our places:


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The Do’s and Don’ts of how to Fundraise for CMV Action


  • Choose a fundraising activity that you’ll enjoy – you’ll be more successful if you’re having fun!
  • Before you fundraise ask permission from the right authority!  Be it your boss or the local council, ensure you have permission to carry out your fundraising event
  • If you fundraise at work, ask your employer to match any funds raised
  • Promote your event far and wide – download our flyers and leaflets, posters or invitations, and contact the local press
  • Ensure you know a bit about congenital Cytomegalovirus and the work of CMV Action – people will ask, so please have the information to hand to show them!
  • Thank everyone who sponsors or helps you. Don’t forget to let them know how it went and your total raised


  • Choose a fundraising activity that isn’t safe and legal
  • Forget to ask donors to Gift Aid their donation – it’ll really boost your total and makes such a difference to the final amount we receive
  • When you fundraise don’t forget to send your money to CMV Action – please send all donations within one month of your event.  If you don’t have all the money collected, please send us what you have and keep chasing those stragglers


When you fundraise you can promote your event by using CMV Action downloadable press releases, posters, sponsor forms or ask for collection tins and branded items. Whilst we are delighted to support you as much as we can we need to keep overheads to a minimum so there may be a charge for certain items. Please do let us know if there is anything you need support with when you fundraise and we will do our best to help.

Please visit our fundraising resources page for our full range of support items.

Internet and email

Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are the fastest way to spread the word to your contacts what you’re up to and you can encourage friends or colleagues to promote your fundraising with just the click of a button.  Sending a blanket email out to family, friends and work colleagues is another sure fire way of letting people know what you’re up to and importing the date directly into their on-line calendar.

Local media

Local news love a good story, so get in touch with the news desk of your local radio, newspaper and television. You’ll be surprised how much difference this can make to your fundraising. We would also be delighted to add information to our website to help support you.


Fundraising is meant to be about having some fun and raising money but please be aware there are laws in place for some fundraising activities.


CMV Action cannot accept liability for any loss, damage or injury suffered by you or anyone else as a result of taking part in a fundraising event.

Health and safety

This is very important so please be mindful when organising your event. Follow the professional advice of equipment manufacturers and staff supervising any facilities. Please visit the Health and Safety Executive for more information about keeping safe and legal.

Food hygiene

Please be vigilant when handling food and work to basic rules for safe preparation, storage, display and cooking. Please visit the Food Standards Agency for more information.

Data protection

Be compliant. Any electronic or paper record you keep about people involved in a fundraising event must comply with the Data Protection Act. Never share information or data about someone without their permission. For more information visit the Institute of Fundraising.

Raffles and lotteries

The UK has very strict and complex laws relating to raffles and lotteries. There are also legal requirements regarding prizes, the costs of running a raffle or lottery and the way they are organised. Get in contact with your local authority before holding one of these events and before you spend any money on getting some tickets printed. Visit Institute of Fundraising.

Children at events

All children under the age of 18 should have permission from a parent or guardian to take part in your fundraising activity and all children under the age of 16 should be accompanied by an adult.

Raising Awareness

Raising money is wonderful and enables us to continue our work, however, fundraising isn’t for everyone. If you are able to help us raise awareness instead of, or as well as fundraising that is fantastic and greatly appreciated. You can order your free Awareness Pack and distribute them at places such as your local GP practice, pharmacy, health centre or antenatal clinic or any local events.

The packs include:

  • 1 poster and 1 handout on antenatal and neonatal care aimed at midwives and GPs
  • 5 leaflets for pregnant women
  • 5 infographics explaining all about CMV.

Order your free pack!

    Postal orders will take up to 2 weeks.