Teddy Bears’s Picnic – CMV Awareness Month June 2017


Swap honey for money this summer by hosting a Teddy Bear’s picnic to raise awareness and funds for CMV Action.

We've put together some pointers to help your event run smoothly.  

• Decide on the venue –

depending on the number of people you intend to invite it could be at home, in the garden, at the park – anywhere you can pitch a picnic spot really!

• Invite your family and friends! You could have lots of people or just a handful.

• Remind everyone to bring their best cuddly bear friend.  That's an essential!

• Let us know what you are planning - we will send you a cute cmv bear once you've registered your event.

Please register your event in plenty of time for us to despatch your bear! 

Please go to register your event

• Ask all of your guests for a donation. CMV Action will donate a bear for every picnic that commits to raising £5 or more. It's up to you what you do with your bear – you can raffle him, hide him, guess the name …..

• You can charge a fixed "donation" to attend. If your group is a friendly one it’s also possible to get parents to contribute to the picnic food too.

Some Ideas for Games

• Treasure hunt: Buy wrapped sweets or chocolates which can be easily hidden. Hide the treasures around your Picnic and give children clues as to where they may find them. Alternatively with younger children, just hide them and let them look.

• Hot potato: Sit the children in a circle. Play some music and get them to toss a bean bag or ball to the person next to them. The child holding the bean bag or ball when you turn off the music is out. The last one left in the circle is declared the winner!

And finally…

Don't forget to remind your guests to all bring along their cuddliest teddy. We'd love to see our teddies enjoying their picnic too, so please post your pictures on to Facebook, Twitter or email to jan@cmvaction.org.uk


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