2019 09 Great North Run - Ash, Arran and Andrew

Sunday, September 8, 2019 - 10:00

Kray-James congenital CMV story told by Ash, his daddy

Our lives turned upside down when our 20 week scan showed that Kray had bright bowels on his ultra sound, indicating a problem. We were then told that Shannon was being tested for an infection called CMV, 3 weeks later we got the results that we were dreading, Shannon had contracted Primary CMV something we had never heard of. An Amniocentesis was offered to confirm if the virus had passed to Kray but we declined as the risk factors were too high, we were then sent to have an MRI which showed Kray’s brain had been effected resulting in brain damage, and that his quality of life would be severely effected. We were given the option to end the pregnancy but there was no way we were giving up on our little boy. Preparations were made for his birth and it was a very anxious time. He was born 15th of February 2017 and spent 16 days in ICU, Kray was born with Microcephaly, Enlarged Liver, Jaundice, Blueberry muffin rash, Enlarged Spleen. Kray also needed daily Platelet Transfusions and he had a Low Immune system. For the first 6 months of Kray's life he was on a number of medications for each problem. Further problems include eye sight problems, hearing loss, development delay in all areas, Cerebral Palsy and he is also high risk for Epilepsy. The prognosis for Kray’s future means specialists cannot tell us if Kray will be ableto walk or talk but for us giving up is not an option and we endeavour to do everything we can do to give him the best chances. Despite what life has thrown at Kray he always has a smile on his face and has achieved so much. Our Son has so much love to give and loves his cuddles and kisses from his dotting big brother Jesse-James, family and friends. He’s such a beautiful happy little boy and we wouldn’t change him for the world!

We are doing the run to raise awareness of CMV and give something back, we are 3 amateurs in training, myself Ash Smith (Krays daddy), Arran Bace (uncle/godfather) and Andrew Baldwin (Godfather). No donation is too small. 100% of donations will be going to CMV Action. Please help us to get the awareness out and donate/share as far as you possibly can. Thank you for taking time to reading Kray-James’s story we really appreciate your kindness.

Follow the link to donate, thank you     https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/fundraiser-display/showROFundraiserPage?userUrl=AshSmith1&pageUrl=1

For people that have read Krays story that would like to donate without social media. Please type ‘Virgin money giving’ into google. Then ‘Donations’ followed by searching ‘Ash Smith’ to find Krays page.


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