2010 06 Stefanie and Caius

Friday, July 31, 2020 - 21:00

Our extra special baby boy Caius, was diagnosed in May 2019  with Congenital CMV at 1 week old and began antiviral treatment at 2 weeks old. Caius has bilateral  sensorineural hearing loss (deaf in both ears - to different degrees) and calcifications on his brain. He will require additional support and care with his physical and mental development. The predictability of the future is at times unknown, however, we continue to hope. 

It continues to give me a sense of utter helplessness that there is a complete lack of awareness of a virus which can be so completely life altering. There are no signs in the hospital waiting room, paragraphs in the baby groups and no discussions at antenatal classes. There is not even a dedicated charity in Ireland for newly diagnosed families to seek comfort and knowledge from. 

I am using this month of June to focus on generating awareness for CMV for CMV Action UK by running or cycling 150km’s approx 5km per day in one month.

CMV Action is dedicated to promoting awareness, providing access to resources, and sharing prevention information to eliminate congenital CMV. 
So lets raise some funds to and to  protect pregnant women from CMV  

We would be so so grateful for support and any donations made. Thanks so much in advance. 

Together, we can  

Thanks Caius’ Mummy - Stef


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