Screen Your Story Film Gala

Sunday, July 5, 2015 - 17:00


Anne Mullins, one of our lovely supporters, started a unique and inspirational project called Screen Your Story to find film producers and authors among local school children in order to raise money for CMV Action. ‘A friend of mine has a daughter, Lyra, who has been affected by the virus. Lyra moved me to make a difference. You could say this is Lyra’s story.’

Twenty nine schools participated in the project across and beyond the Borough of Barnes in London, with a grand total of 600 entries altogether. Children were pitched to write a story of 500/1000 words depending on age group, which had to include an ‘encounter’ and a disabled character. The stories were then judged by a panel of celebrity judges including Ade Adepitan, Alistair McGowan, Mark Ellis, Jill Green, Jack Whitehall, Stanley Tucci, Michael Murpurgo and many more famous names. Carter Jonas Boileaus in Barnes have also sponsored the project. Anne says 'It was amazing and inspirational to read the words of children talking about disability in the most imaginative and positive way. In one of the stories a character has a prosthetic leg but this leg has super-powers, it was magic!’.

The winning seven stories have been made into short films, acted out by adult actors, adapted by scriptwriter Sally Horan, directed by Christopher Swann and filmed in various familiar spots around Barnes. The films premiered at the Barnes Olympic Cinema on 5th July, with a red carpet award ceremony and were made into a DVD. What’s more, a book of the stories has been beautifully put together with exquisite illustrations and named Stories from the Young by Unicorn Press. The tales and illustrations are awe inspiring. 

Michael Morpurgo loved Victor and the Duck, ‘It’s a brilliantly written story, funny and snappy with wonderful characters.’

Jack Whitehall said Mr and Mrs Bumble Bee to the Resure was ‘Enchanting and abolutely extraordinary from a four year old.’

Screen Your Story is an innovative, inspirational campaign which fills your lungs with fresh air. Anne’s story, Lyra’s story and the stories from the children are full of innocence, kindness and compassion. 

We are very grateful to the sponsors 

 who helped make 'Screen Your Story' possible.

The Life of Lyra - Website

Although no one involved in this event - not the organisers, not the poster and website designer, not the judges or film-makers - is earning a penny from the competition, Anne is raising much needed awareness and money along the way.

Thank you so much. 

(Dr. Anne Mullins Organiser 'Screen Your Story')



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