Caris Pike's Sky Dive

Sunday, September 20, 2015 - 13:30 to 14:30

We wanted to share this lovely letter from Anne Pike, showing support for the wonderful Caris Pike who recently conquered her fears and sky-dived in aid of CMV Action.  Thank you Caris for raising over £500 and for helping to raise awareness of CMV - we think you're amazing and so does your Grandma!

"Our very brave Grandaughter did a sponsored SkyDive in aid of CMV Action last Sunday.  We are particularly proud of her as she had previously had a panic attack on the London Eye,and it had taken a huge amount of convincing her that planes were a safe mode of transport  when she had a family holiday abroad a few years ago.  We had absolutely no idea how determined she was to go ahead, and with family, friends and her beautiful little daughter Evie-Grace , who contracted CMV when she was in the womb, we headed for Hinton Airfield near Northampton.  A thick blanket of mist greeted us, which wasn't exactly what the weather forecast had predicted, so we waited, and waited and eventually she was called around 1.30.  She was the calmest member of our party, but we still had doubts as she headed out for the plane.  We had no need to worry, just to see her face as she landed showed that she had enjoyed every single moment, and with the added bonus of having raised a nice amount of money for CMV Action.  
We noticed that a couple of charities had banners, tee shirts etc, and several people jumping for the same charity.  Caris is determined to do another jump in the future (think she would have been up in the next plane on Sunday if she had the chance!)  if anyone is interested in joining her, she would be pleased to hear from you.
At the moment she has raised just over £500 and further donations are still coming in.  Well done, Caris, we are so proud of you for doing such a brave thing, and hope that the money raised will help improve CMV awareness and  we are so very lucky to have such a beautiful little great grandaughter , Evie -Grace."

So, if anyone is interested in sky-diving for us in the future, let us know and we can put you in touch with Caris!


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