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CMV: Faces & Stories

By May 3, 2022No Comments
CMV: Faces & Stories

This year, during CMV Awareness Month (June 2022), CMV Action would like to share stories and photos of people affected by CMV for our “CMV: Faces & Stories” campaign. Your stories are very important to other families helping them learn about CMV. Stories and photos are the most looked at part of our website so we know how powerful they are in helping raise awareness of CMV.

The idea of this campaign is to raise more awareness of CMV via our social media channels. To make it easy we have a quick questionnaire to complete. So if you would like to share a photo or story, please complete the form by following this link 

We welcome all stories for our CMV: Faces & Stories campaign, even if you have suffered a loss as they all help others to understand the different journeys that CMV can take families on. Sharing your story will make a difference to others.