2017 International CMV Awareness Raising Month


Saturday, June 17, 2017 - 11:00

CMV Action Family Day Out

This year we are not having a party but a day out instead at the Thames Valley Adventure Park in Berkshire.

This is a great place – suitable for children of all ages and for those with special needs.

We are so hoping lots of families can make this event .... in previous years we have 'done' Derby, Milton Keynes, Manchester and Manchester - now hoping lots of folks can get to Berkshire.

Please see Thames Valley Adventure Park

Monday 12th June 10 am

CMV presentation as part of Complex Needs Week at the Ear Foundation in Nottingham

This course is for professionals - Teachers of the Deaf, Audiologists, Intervenors, Teaching Assistants and mainstream teachers. It will raise awareness among the very professionals who work with our little ones. Please encourage them to attend.

Please contact The Ear Foundation for further information. 

We are hoping our CMV family will have coffee mornings and cake sales to promote Awareness Month.

We are liaising with childcare providers and hoping they will have a Teddy Bear’s Picnic in aid of CMV Action.  Any family can do one too.

More details to follow

As in previous years ……

  • we’ve put together awareness-raising packs for you to use in your local area.  The packs will include: midwives poster, leaflets for pregnant women and our infographics. Why not visit your local GP practice, pharmacy, health centre or antenatal clinic or any local events you may be holding. Please order your Awareness Pack
  • Buy a CMV Action silver awareness ribbon, wristband or T shirt through the CMV Action shop – don’t forget to send us pictures of you wearing any or all of them!  CMV Action Shop
  •  Join the global social media campaign and post your pictures and stories on facebook and twitter using the hashtags and .  

Do let us know what you are up to or if you have any great ideas to raise awareness  info@cmvaction.org.uk


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