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Nicola takes Steps for brother Robert and CMV Action

By January 9, 2024No Comments
10000 steps fundraising challenge for CMV Action

My younger brother Robert, was born with Congenital CMV in 1983. At the time there were no ultrasounds or blood tests that may have indicated that anything was wrong and we were not given his diagnosis until he was 15 months old. 

The virus has affected Robert causing him irreversible brain damage, spastic quadriplegia cerebral palsy, unilateral Microtia (an undeveloped right ear), bilateral hearing impairment from an absent right ear canal and a perforated left ear drum, global development delay, learning disabilities and vision problems. 


Robert is an inspirational, very funny, brave, caring, amazing brother, who loves to sing and dance. We are so proud of what he has achieved to overcome many of life’s hurdles.

As a family we have advocated for Robert to get access to services and support for him to enjoy life.  I feel that because of this, he has achieved things that would otherwise have seemed unachievable.

I feel that it is so important to raise awareness of a virus (cCMV) where the transmission can be prevented by taking simple  hygiene precautions. I would strongly encourage others to support the work of CMV Action and charities that provide advice and guidance to families that are faced with the unknown.  That’s why  I decided to take on a 10,000 steps challenge – to  improve my own personal fitness and mental well being, whilst at the same time raising funds and awareness for a charity very close to me.  

I understand that through research and trials, blood tests can now detect Cytomegalovirus and prompt use of antivirals which can reduce the effects of the virus on the new born baby.  

More awareness and research will help future generations to reduce the transmission of this virus and maybe eradicate it in the future.

Nicola successfully completed her fundraiser and raised over £400 for CMV Action.

If you have been inspired by Nicola and Robert’s story and would like to take part in or host your own fundraiser to support CMV Action, please contact us via email at  or click here to donate.